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Integration is one of the most common IT tasks and accounts for a large part of the cost of implementation. Frequently, organizations are left choosing several systems to cover their functional needs, and the functionality of these systems often overlaps, which makes identifying overlap difficult. Integration is a critically important part of getting the most value out of an institution’s systems. Many departments overlook key issues when faced with an Integration problem because it is often considered a “technical” problem and left for IT and external vendors to address, but how to do it is one of the most critical decisions an institution can make. Scott Thorne
Why is Authorization Important? Authorization management is ordinarily not at the top of a higher education institutions list to improve, but the use of clean and regulated data is both critical and foundational to student success and employee productivity. Before diving into the details of how to best determine and give authorization, let's first define what authorization is. The definition of authorization is determining what allowances someone has, once they are identified. Scott Thorne